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Black Currant Liqueur Liqueur De Cassis

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if you have your own black currants make this lovely liqueur. great for baking and cooking.

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Time: 30 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 4

Ingredients: black currants,brandy,sugar,water


  1. put the bunches of black currants , with their leaves , in a wide mouthed glass jar or a stoneware bottle
  2. pour in the alcohol , cover tightly and let macerate for about two months
  3. drain the flavored alcohol from the fruit
  4. mix the sugar and water , and bring just to a boil
  5. cool this syrup and add it to the alcohol
  6. bottle and cork
  7. keep the bottles of liqueur for one month before opening
  8. to make about 2 quarts
  9. je sais faire les conserves
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