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Black Forest Pumpernickel Recipe

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found at submitted there by kandi i wanted to get nutritional values for this recipe, so i am posting it here. my contribution is the directions for making without a bread machine. i'm making it right now.

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Time: 110 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 10

Ingredients: water,bread flour,rye flour,whole wheat flour,salt,oil,molasses,cocoa powder,caraway seed,yeast


  1. in large bowl combine dry ingredients
  2. add liquid ingredients
  3. mix thoroughly
  4. remove dough to floured board
  5. knead till elastic
  6. when you poke your finger into the dough , it will spring back immediately
  7. oil dough and let rise till doubled in oiled bowl
  8. dough can also be mixed , kneaded and allowed to rise on the dough only cycle of a bread machine', "that's how i do it", 'punch down , knead again till springy , let rest a few minutes , form into loaves
  9. i form loaves by flattening the dough and folding into thirds
  10. place in oiled pans or on oiled cookie sheet
  11. bake at 325 to 350 for 50 minutes or until done
  12. it should sound hollow when thumped on top
  13. remove from pans
  14. try hard to let cool before cutting with a sharp serrated knife
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