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Dutch Apple Pie

This pie is baked in a brown grocery sack. It is so delicious.

Author: Barbara Caple

Dutch Apple Pie with Oatmeal Streusel

The crunchy oat topping adds an extra dimension to this delicious apple pie. Try using Golden Delicious, Jonagold, or Granny Smith apples for this pie.

Author: Ginny

Dutch Apple Cake

This is another great cake for the fall. When apples are plentiful and delicious there are so many ways to thank mother nature for its bounty. I pick a lot of the wild apples in the fall, and turn them...

Author: Carol

Boterkoek (Dutch Butter Cake)

Delicious, authentic Dutch butter cake. This cake is moist with a great almond flavor - a favorite in most Dutch households!


Dutch Croquetten

This yummy Dutch snack is sure to please! Seasoned veal dumplings are breaded and then fried. Replace ground veal with lean beef, chicken, or stuff with spiced Gouda!

Author: Celly

Speculaas Cookies

A delicious, traditional Dutch holiday cookie that tastes similar to gingerbread. Simple, quick, wonderful! As we Dutchies say, 'eet smakelijk!'

Author: xcgrl604

Appeltaart (Dutch Apple Tart)

An utterly delicious apple pie that looks beautiful when you decorate the top with a pastry lattice.

Author: Nanda


Dutch stroopwafels (translation: molasseswaffles) Foreign people love them, so I translated this Dutch recipe to English.

Author: Marshmallow87

Gehakt Ballen (Dutch Meatballs)

These are really delicious and easy to make. Serve with potatoes.

Author: Glenda Morrison de Kruif

Poffertjes (Dutch Mini Pancakes)

An easy, no-yeast recipe for Dutch pancakes, which are called "poffertjes" in the Netherlands. They are traditionally made in a poffertjes pan which has indents, but you can use a large frying pan and...

Author: stroopwafel

Dutch Meat Croquettes


Author: PanNan

Jan Hagel Cookies

A Dutch cookie... a favorite at Christmas

Author: Robin J.

Lahmacun Turkish Pizza

This Turkish-style pizza is a Turkish flat bread layered with a fresh sauce composed of tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and minced lamb cooked with a flavorful selection of Mediterranean spices. It is normally...

Author: lysis

Dutch Cookies

This recipe has become a cherished family favorite, and it all began in 1965 with my older brother's 2nd grade teacher sharing it with our mother. Melt-in-your-mouth good! At holiday time, add festive...

Author: TRACE23

Dutch Letter Cookies

These are delicious, tender, flaky cookies filled with almond paste. They are the first ones to disappear at our house during the holidays. You can shape them into any letter you desire, try spelling out...

Author: claudia


My husband's family is Dutch and this is a recipe from the Netherlands that is a great tasting pastry using almond paste. Enjoy!

Author: BKET

Holland Boterkoek

A decadent Dutch cake that's super easy to stir up and a perfect complement to a cup of tea or coffee. It's actually more like a soft cookie than a cake but definitely delicious nonetheless.

Author: Allison

Dutch Leek Casserole


Author: BRIGIT

Speculaas Cookies or Spicy Sinterklass Cakes

This traditional Dutch cookie recipe came with a mold I got 20 years ago. Speculaas is a corruption of the Latin speculum (mirror). The dough is pressed into carved molds that can be used for wall decorations....

Author: Harriet A. Schipper

Dutch Coffee Custard (Hopjesvla)

This is a Dutch classic and very easy to make. As I love the taste of coffee, I choose to use brewed strong coffee for this recipe, but alternatively you can use the same amount of instant coffee. You...

Author: BRIGIT

Hachee (Dutch Beef Stew)

Serve this tender Dutch hachee with potatoes and vegetables.

Author: Anonymous

Dutch Almond Boterkoek

This is a Dutch almond buttercake bar cookie that keeps well.

Author: Sandra Bennett

Gevulde Speculaas

This is a dark tart/cake with almond paste.

Author: pe69st

Stroopwafels with Treacle

We all love stroopwafels with a cup of coffee or tea - it's a favorite Dutch treat. Try making them at home with this recipe!

Author: Magda

Dutch Apple Berry Pie

I made this recipe up when I was 13, and I've been perfecting it ever since. The pie uses plenty of fresh raspberries and blueberries, and is baked with a crumb topping.

Author: lindze merritt

Holland Butter Cookies

These cookies are delightful all year round. Buttery and light they will melt in your mouth.

Author: Dort

Fillets of Sole in White Wine

This is from my Dutch cook book. It's very simple and tastes great. A quick week night meal. I would use a nice Pinot Grigio wine - use a cup for the recipe, and save the rest to serve with dinner.

Author: PanNan

Dutch Chocolate Butter (Chocoladeboter)

That's right... Chocolate Butter! Excellent on bread, muffins, scones - anything you would normally spread butter on. While not exactly healthy I can't help but love this on toast with peanut butter.

Author: - Carla -

Botercake (Butter Cake)

This is a Dutch recipe for 'buttercake' made with plenty of butter, of course, and lemon and vanilla for flavor.

Author: Hanneke Hartkoorn

Stroopwaffels I

A wonderful very-difficult-to-find Dutch recipe from a Dutch friend of mine. Delicious and addicting.

Author: Julie Stokes

Dutch Boterkoek

This is a Dutch buttery bar cookie, baked in a round tin, and cut into wedges after baking. Instead of vanilla or lemon zest, you can flavor these with 4 ounces of ground almonds.

Author: hanneke hartkoorn

Dutch Style Macaroni

Make and share this Dutch-Style Macaroni recipe from Food.com.


Dutch Mayonnaise

Make and share this Dutch Mayonnaise recipe from Food.com.

Author: Carol H

Auntie Willie's Dutch Apple Pie

The easiest Dutch apple pie and the scrummiest. This is THE traditional Dutch treat for birthdays or visitors. Preparation very quick and you can't go wrong! Add a cup of raisins to apples if desired.

Author: ELSE

Dutch Potato Salad (Huzarensalade)

Make and share this Dutch Potato Salad (Huzarensalade) recipe from Food.com.

Author: Chef PotPie

Heineken Beer Steak Marinade

Before you drink up all of that cold Heineken beer in the refrigerator, set a little aside for one awesome Heineken beer steak marinade recipe. Taken from steakmarinade.org and posted for ZWT.

Author: alligirl

Dutch Snert (Split Pea Soup)

The Dutch, who originally settled Manhattan Island in the seventeenth century, brought with them the recipe for this rib sticking pea porridge. Today, it still is served at the Netherland club in Manhattan....

Author: Olha7397

Joppiesaus My Way

This is my attempt to create a taste-a-like sauce for the Joppiesaus found all over Europe and especially the Netherlands. It's a great condiment for French Fries, and potato chips. It's addictive, you've...

Author: ColSanders

Crepes With Meat Filling Vleespannekoekjes Dutch Recipe

This is a tasty treat. Crepes are common in Holland, both sweet and savory with sauces. The crepes can be made ahead and refrigerated. It's a wonderful way to use up leftover meat.

Author: PanNan

Dutch Pepernoten

A traditional Dutch treat popular in December.

Author: Peggy McCormack

Dutch Bokkenpootjes Goat's Feet

Delicious traditional Dutch almond meringue cookies filled with butter icing and dipped in chocolate.

Author: Herring

Dutch Mustard Soup (Zaanse Mosterdsoep)

Make and share this Dutch Mustard Soup (Zaanse Mosterdsoep) recipe from Food.com.

Author: Ethan at Food.com


I am just posting this to replace my copy that is on a looseleaf paper. It is an authentic Dutch recipe that makes one big cookie sheet full. (about 85 croquettes)

Author: Rieke

Dutch Musterdsoep or Zaanse Mosterdsoep

This is a typical regional recipe from the middle of the province of Noord-Holland, the Zaanstreek in the Netherlands. The Zaanstreek is situated right above Amsterdam; tourists mostly know it for the...

Author: Barbara van der Marel


Dutch gingersnaps

Author: Debbie

Red Flannel Cole Slaw

The term cole slaw comes from the Dutch, koolsla, for "cabbage salad". This cole slaw is a vibrant red from the cabbage, capsicum, radishes and beets.

Author: KristinV


Can also be spelled 'bonket' or 'banket.' An old Dutch recipe that my Great Grandma shared with me. A very flaky crust, like phyllo dough, and an almond paste center.

Author: mindygreengenes

Dutch Molasses Cookies

This is an eggless recipe. They keep well.

Author: Rosina