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Chocolate Cookies Romany Creams

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if equated, these are to south african children what oreo cookies are to american children, though they are not the same in taste. i never stick mine together to make 'sandwiches' but prefer to dip each cookie into melted chocolate and sprinkle on chocolate vermicilli.

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Time: 43 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 11

Ingredients: butter,sugar,eggs,vanilla extract,flour,baking powder,salt,cocoa powder,coconut,chocolate chips,chocolate sprinkles


  1. preheat oven 350f
  2. cream butter and sugar
  3. beat eggs and vanilla and beat into butter mixture
  4. sift in dry ingredients , add coconut and mix well
  5. scoop 1 tsp mounds onto prepared cookie sheet
  6. bake for 13 minutes
  7. cool on wire rack
  8. topping:
  9. melt chocolate in double boiler and dip in 1 / 2 of each cookie
  10. lay cookies on sheet of wax paper and sprinkle on vermicilli
  11. place in refrigerator just long enough for chocolate to harden
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