Chocolate Coated Spoons Recipe

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  1. semisweet dark chocolate baking bar
  2. whipping cream
  3. amaretto
  4. disposable spoons
  5. vanilla candy coating


  1. combine chocolate baking bar , whipping cream and amaretto in a 1-cup glass measuring cup
  2. microwave on medium for 1 minute , stirring at 30 seconds until melted and smooth
  3. dip spoons in melted chocolate so that the bowl of spoon is coated completely
  4. allow the excess to drip off
  5. place on wax paper
  6. chill for at least 15 minutes in freezer to allow to set
  7. drizzle chilled spoons with melted vanilla-flavored candy coating to decorate , if desired
  8. to use , stir into coffee or hot chocolate until melted
  9. makes about 20 spoons
  10. they are pretty if wrapped in colored plastic wrap and tied with a pretty bow', "if you don't have a micr o-wave , i think that this could be done stove top on low heat and just watch that the chocolate doesn't burn", 'jan

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