Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffles Recipe

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Time: 22 minutes



  1. semisweet baking chocolate
  2. peanut butter
  3. whipped topping
  4. powdered sugar
  5. nuts
  6. coconut flakes
  7. candy sprinkles
  8. chocolate sprinkles
  9. cookie crumbs


  1. in a large , microwave-safe bowl , microwave the chocolate squares on high power for 1 minute
  2. stir chocolate and microwave for another minute or until chocolate is melted
  3. remove bowl from the microwave and mix in peanut butter until smooth
  4. let the mixture sit until it has cooled to room temperature
  5. mix in whipped topping and refrigerate for about an hour
  6. shape the mixture into one inch balls
  7. using a melon baller or teaspoon may make this easier
  8. roll the balls in your choice of coatings
  9. this part is the most fun !
  10. be creative !
  11. store the balls in the refrigerator until serving or gift-giving time
  12. these would make a nice gift if you placed the balls in paper candy holders and wrapped them up in a decorated tin or plastic container

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