Chocolate Strawberry Tart Recipe

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Time: 90 minutes



  1. tea biscuits
  2. pecans
  3. sugar
  4. egg white
  5. heavy whipping cream
  6. unsalted butter
  7. semi-sweet chocolate chips
  8. strawberries


  1. heat oven to 350f coat a 9-in
  2. fluted tart pan with removable sides with nonstick spray
  3. crust: break cookies into food processor
  4. add nuts and sugar
  5. pulse until fine crumbs form
  6. add egg white
  7. pulse just to blend
  8. press evenly over bottom and up sides of tart pan
  9. freeze 10 minutes , or until firm
  10. cover crust with foil
  11. bake 20 minutes
  12. remove foil
  13. bake 5 minutes more , or until lightly browned
  14. cool completely in pan on a wire rack
  15. meanwhile , make filling: heat cream and butter over medium heat until butter melts
  16. remove from heat , add chocolate chips and let stand 2 minutes to melt
  17. whisk until blended and smooth
  18. let stand at room temperature about 1 hour until cool but still pourable
  19. pour into crust
  20. place strawberries cut sides down on filling
  21. refrigerate at least 2 hours for filling to set
  22. to serve: put tart pan on a small , sturdy bowl
  23. let sides fall down
  24. gently slide tart off pan bottom onto a serving plate

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