Chocolate Wafer Cookie Ice Cream Cake Recipe

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Time: 150 minutes



  1. chocolate wafer cookies
  2. ice cream
  3. whipped cream
  4. fresh strawberries


  1. line a 9x3" pan with aluminum foil , with an overhang of 2"
  2. line the bottom of the pan with a layer of the cookies , breaking a few to fit into the edges , if necessary
  3. spread a layer of ice cream over the cookies
  4. repeat making 2 more layers , or however many your pan will accommodate , ending with a top layer of cookies
  5. cover the pan tightly with aluminum foil , and freeze until needed
  6. 15 minutes before serving , remove the cake from the freezer
  7. whip the cream
  8. grab the overhanging foil on the sides of the pan , and lift out the ice cream cake
  9. place it on a serving platter
  10. decorate the top with whipped cream , and place the strawberries randomly on top to make a design
  11. cut into squares with a sharp knife , and serve

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