Chocolate Wagon Wheel Cookies Recipe

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Time: 490 minutes



  1. vegetable oil
  2. unsweetened chocolate
  3. sugar
  4. eggs
  5. flour
  6. baking powder
  7. vanilla
  8. powdered sugar


  1. combine oil , chocolate , and sugar
  2. add eggs to this mixture , one at a time , and beat well
  3. stir in vanilla
  4. sift flour and baking powder and fold into egg combination
  5. chill dough several hours or overnight in refridgerator
  6. roll into balls size of walnuts , then roll in powdered sugar
  7. bake on greased cookie sheet 7-10 minutes at 350 oven
  8. if you like your cookies soft and chewy , bake only 7 minutes

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