Chorizo Egg And Cheese Wraps Recipe

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Time: 20 minutes



  1. chorizo sausages
  2. butter
  3. eggs
  4. water
  5. cheese
  6. tortillas
  7. diced onion
  8. jalapeno


  1. fry chorizos till crisp
  2. in another pan melt butter saute onions and pepper till translucent
  3. scramble the eggs with water and add to pan with onions scramble till desired doneness
  4. season with salt and pepper
  5. warm tortillas in micro for a couple seconds
  6. place 1 / 4 cup cheese on each tortillas then place cooked chorizos evenly on cheese and place egg mixture on cheese
  7. roll up and serve with salsa and cilantro garnish

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