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Chuck Steak Teriyaki

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this is an awesome way to cook chuck steak. it is tender and delicious! i found this on the cooking on the go software when i needed something to turn chuck steak into something tasty!

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Time: 262 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 9

Ingredients: soy sauce,sesame seeds,olive oil,brown sugar,dried onion flakes,ginger,dry mustard,garlic,boneless beef chuck steak


  1. in a small bowl , mix all ingredients except meat
  2. pour into a large reclosable plastic bag or a shallow baking dish
  3. trim fat and slash edges of remaining fat at 1-inch intervals on meat
  4. place meat in marinade , turning to coat
  5. close bag or cover baking dish
  6. refrigerate at least 4 or up to 24 hours , turning steak over occasionally
  7. spray broiler pan with non-stick cooking spray or brush w / oil
  8. remove meat from marinade and place on broiler pan , reserving marinade
  9. broil 4-inches from heat source for 10 minutes , basting often
  10. turn meat over w / tongs and broil 8 minutes for rare to medium , 10-12 minutes for well done
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