Claire S Not So Sloppy Joe S Recipe

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Time: 40 minutes



  1. lean hamburger
  2. juice', "campbell's tomato soup", 'mustard
  3. brown sugar
  4. ketchup
  5. onion
  6. green pepper
  7. celery ribs
  8. garlic cloves
  9. ground cayenne pepper


  1. brown hamburger over medium high heat for 5 minutes
  2. add diced onions , green peppers , celery and garlic
  3. brown for an additional 5 minutes
  4. drain
  5. stir in v8 , tomato soup , ketchup , mustard and brown sugar
  6. season with pepper to taste
  7. bring to light simmer for 30 minutes uncovered
  8. ready to eat
  9. placing in refrigerator overnight and reheating tends to make the flavor "pop" a bit more

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