Classic Easy Turkey Stuffing Recipe

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Time: 45 minutes



  1. bacon
  2. butter
  3. celery
  4. onions
  5. garlic
  6. bread cubes
  7. poultry seasoning
  8. seasoning salt
  9. black pepper
  10. low sodium chicken broth
  11. dried cranberries


  1. in a large frypan fry the bacon until crisp
  2. remove and crumble
  3. set aside
  4. add 3 / 4 cup butter to the bacon drippings and melt
  5. add in chopped celery , onions and garlic
  6. saut until tender
  7. add half of the bread cubes to the butter
  8. stir to coat , and keep stirring with a wooden spoon until the bread cubes are lightly browned and the butter is absorbed
  9. transfer to a large bowl and add in remaining bread cubes , salt , pepper and poultry seasoning or sage
  10. add in crumbled bacon and the cranberries or other ingredients that you choose to use
  11. mix to combine
  12. drizzle with the chicken broth until you have reached the desired moistness , you might have to add in more than 1 cup , but do not add in too much or your bread will become too "soggy"
  13. immediately stuff the turkey , and cook

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