Clementine Marmalade Recipe

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Time: 765 minutes



  1. clementines
  2. water
  3. lemon
  4. sugar


  1. scrub & rinse clementines , place in water in a large soup pot
  2. squeeze lemon - reserve juice
  3. bundle the lemon seeds with cheesecloth and tie it off
  4. add bundle of seeds and the halved lemon to pot
  5. cover the pot and simmer for 2-3 hours until fruit is soft
  6. remove pot from heat , cool overnight
  7. discard bundle of lemon seeds , do not strain liquid
  8. scoop fruit out of the liquid into a large bowl
  9. halve the clementines , scoop pulp and seeds into a strainer set over the pot that was used to boil the fruit
  10. save all peels
  11. rub pulp through strainer
  12. add sugar and lemon juice to pot
  13. heat gently , stirring until sugar dissolves , then boil for a few minutes
  14. meanwhile , finely slice clementine peel then stir into boiling sugar-lemon syrup
  15. continue boiling until marmalade reaches setting point then remove pot from heat , skim foam , and let pot sit for 10-15 minutes to distribute peel evenly
  16. fill hot , sterilized jars
  17. seal with two-part lids
  18. process in boiling-water bath for 15 minutes
  19. label jars
  20. store in cool , dark place
  21. suggestion: use small decorative jars and make gift baskets

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