Club Panini Recipe

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Time: 36 minutes



  1. mayonnaise
  2. dijon mustard
  3. fresh herb
  4. smoked turkey breast
  5. swiss cheese
  6. bacon
  7. tomatoes
  8. sourdough bread
  9. olive oil


  1. combine the mayonnaise , mustard and herbs , set aside
  2. place 3 turkey slices , 2 cheese slices , 4 bacon slices and 2 tomato slices on half of the bread slices
  3. spread remaining bread slices with the mayonnaise mixture , place , mayo sides down , on top of the tomato
  4. spread the outsides of sandwiches with the olive oil or mayonnaise , on the top slice spread it just before you turn it over
  5. brown in a non-stick frying pan on medium heat , pushing down with a spatula , until browned on both sides

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