Cocada Coconut Custard Recipe

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Time: 25 minutes



  1. sugar
  2. water
  3. cinnamon sticks
  4. flaked coconut
  5. milk
  6. eggs
  7. vanilla
  8. whipping cream
  9. toasted sliced almonds


  1. in uncovered 2-quart saucepan simmer sugar , water and cinnamon for 10 minutes
  2. strain
  3. discard cinnamon pieces
  4. add coconut
  5. cook , uncovered , about 5 minutes or until syrup is nearly absorbed , stirring frequently
  6. stir in 2 1 / 2 cups of the milk
  7. cook until mixture is hot
  8. in bowl beat eggs with remaining 1 / 2 cup milk
  9. stir about 1 cup of the hot mixture into egg mixture
  10. return to saucepan
  11. cook and stir until mixture thickens slightly but does not boil
  12. stir in vanilla
  13. pour into a 1-1 / 2 quart bowl or individual serving dishes
  14. chill
  15. top with whipped cream and garnish with almonds , if desired

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