Coconut Caramel Bars Recipe

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Time: 85 minutes



  1. butter
  2. brown sugar
  3. vanilla
  4. egg
  5. all-purpose flour
  6. salt
  7. baking powder
  8. shredded coconut
  9. caramel
  10. semi-sweet chocolate chips
  11. milk


  1. toast the coconut: spread coconut in a 9x13" pan , bake in preheated 300 degree f oven 20-25 minutes or until lightly toasted , stirring half way through baking time
  2. increase oven temperature to 350 degrees f
  3. in a large bowl , beat butter , sugar , vanilla , and egg , until well blended
  4. mix in flour , salt , baking powder and 1 1 / 2 cups toasted coconut
  5. spread mixture in un-greased 9x13" pan , lining with parchment if you desire
  6. bake for 15 minutes
  7. meanwhile melt 1 / 2 of the caramel in microwave
  8. drizzle melted caramel over baked crust and return to oven for 10-12 minutes or until medium brown and caramel is bubbly
  9. removed crust from oven , working quickly , use a heat proof plastic knife , or a bench knife , to loosen the edges of the crust from the pan
  10. cut into 2 dozen bars , leaving them in the pan
  11. sprinkle bars with the chocolate chips
  12. allow chocolate chips to soften about 5 minutes , then spread chocolate evenly over bars
  13. set aside to cool completely
  14. loosen the bars from the edge of pan again , using a flexible spatula to lift the bars out of the pan
  15. set on a rack
  16. combine remaining caramel with 1 tablespoon milk or cream and heat until caramel is melted enough to pour
  17. stir to combine with milk or cream , drizzle over the bars
  18. garnish with reserved toasted coconut

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