Coffee Granita Recipe

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Time: 1440 minutes



  1. espresso coffee
  2. caster sugar
  3. double cream
  4. icing sugar
  5. cocoa powder


  1. mix together the warm coffee , castor sugar and stir until all the sugar has dissolved
  2. pour into a shallow freezer container and freeze overnight
  3. the next morning , mash wit a fork to break up the ice crystals
  4. the granita should have a rough texture
  5. return to the freezer until ready to serve
  6. lightly whip the cream
  7. stir in icing sugar
  8. cover and chill until needed
  9. to serve , break up the granita and spoon into 6 glasses
  10. top with spoonfuls of the cream and dust with cocoa powder
  11. serve immediately as the granita will melt very quickly

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