Cold German Potato Salad Recipe

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Time: 50 minutes



  1. white potatoes
  2. onion
  3. butter
  4. water
  5. beef bouillon cubes
  6. vegetable oil
  7. vinegar
  8. salt & pepper
  9. bacon


  1. cook potatoes in skin till tender needs to be on the firm side
  2. set aside to cool
  3. saut onion in water and butter till high simmer
  4. add bouillon cubes
  5. set aside to cool
  6. peel cooled potatoes and slice into circles about 1 / 8-inch thick
  7. put potatoes in casserole dish
  8. drizzle oil and vinegar over top of potatoes
  9. pour onion mixture on top , salt & pepper to taste finish with crumbled bacon bits
  10. do not mix at this time
  11. let sit at least 1-2 hours in the refrigerator to let flavors blend
  12. over night is best
  13. serve cold or bring to room temperature
  14. mix all together before serving

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See more This is one of those true German recipes. My dear MIL is a true German. Trying to get measurements from her is like pulling teeth. I have made this for DH for 34 years now. I still throw it together without measuring so today while preparing it I tried to eyeball the amounts. Hope it works for you and that it is enjoyed. There is no sugar included like most potato salads.

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