Comforting Knishes Recipe

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Time: 70 minutes



  1. mashed potatoes
  2. oil
  3. salt
  4. unbleached white flour
  5. baking powder
  6. water
  7. onion
  8. tofu
  9. fresh parsley
  10. garlic powder
  11. black pepper


  1. to make the dough , beat together mashed potatoes , oil , and salt
  2. add the flour and baking powder and mix well
  3. mix in the water and knead into a smooth dough
  4. let rest on a board , covered with a cloth , for 1 / 2 hour
  5. to make the filling , saut the onions in oil until transparent
  6. mix together with the rest of the filling ingredients
  7. cut the dough into 4 sections , then roll each section as thin as possible
  8. cut into 5 x 6-inch rectangles
  9. place 2 or 3 ttablspoons of the filling in the middle of each rectangle
  10. fold the sides in first , then the ends
  11. place folded side down on an oiled cookie sheet
  12. bake at 350 degrees f for 25 minutes , or until golden
  13. serve with mustard

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