Conch Fritters With Coconut Lime Curry Dipping Sauce Recipe

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Time: 50 minutes



  1. green bell pepper
  2. red bell pepper
  3. yellow onions
  4. ground conch
  5. celery salt
  6. sea salt
  7. hot sauce
  8. eggs
  9. baking mix
  10. fresh ground black pepper
  11. fresh parsley
  12. canola oil
  13. key lime juice
  14. cream of coconut
  15. curry powder
  16. cayenne pepper
  17. scallion


  1. one day ahead:
  2. place bell peppers , onions , and conch in a food processor
  3. pulse until finely chopped
  4. add celery salt , salt , hot sauce , and eggs
  5. pulse until smooth
  6. add baking mix , 1 / 2 cup at a time , pulsing until smooth and well mixed
  7. add black pepper to taste
  8. transfer to a covered container and refrigerate overnight
  9. for the sauce:
  10. place key lime juice , cream of coconut , curry powder , cayenne pepper and salt in a small bowl
  11. whisk to combine
  12. add scallions and stir with a spoon to combine
  13. cover and refrigerate until needed
  14. fry the fritters:', "place oil in a deep fryer to manufacturer's recommended level and preheat to 375f using a small ice-cream type scoop , drop balls of conch fritter batter into hot oil", 'work in small batches
  15. do not crowd fryer
  16. when fritters are golden brown on all sides , remove with tongs and drain on paper toweling
  17. sprinkle hot fritters with finely chopped fresh parsley if using
  18. place dipping sauce in a small bowl in the middle of a serving platter
  19. surround with conch fritters and enjoy !
  20. servings: 1 serving = 3 to 4 fritters', "substitution: you can substitute fresh persian lime juice if you don't have fresh key lime juice , but fresh juice is essential in this recipe"]

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