Cookie Mix Baklava Bars Recipe

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Time: 70 minutes



  1. sugar cookie mix
  2. butter
  3. lemon peel
  4. egg
  5. walnuts
  6. granulated sugar
  7. ground cinnamon
  8. salt
  9. miniature phyllo cups
  10. honey
  11. brown sugar
  12. lemon juice
  13. vanilla


  1. heat oven to 350
  2. spray bottom only of 9x13-inch pan with pam
  3. stir cookie base ingredients in large bowl until soft dough forms
  4. press in bottom of pan and bake 15 minute
  5. meanwhile in medium bowl , stir filling ingredients together until well mixed & crumbly
  6. sprinkle mixture evenly over partially baked base
  7. crumble frozen phyllo shells evenly over nut mixture
  8. bake 18-20 minutes or golden
  9. in a small microwaveable bowl , zap all glaze ingredients except vanilla for 1 minute on high , or until bubbly
  10. stir in vanilla
  11. drizzle honey mix over phyllo
  12. cool completely
  13. cut into 6 rows by 4 rows
  14. drizzle each bar with 1 / 2 teaspoon honey before serving

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