Cool Calypso Dip Fruit Platter Recipe

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Time: 10 minutes



  1. marshmallow creme
  2. light sour cream
  3. lime
  4. ground cinnamon
  5. cantaloupe
  6. mixed fruit


  1. in a small bowl , combine marshmallow creme and sour cream and whisk until smooth
  2. zest lime with a lemon zester
  3. juice lime to yield 1 tablespoons juice
  4. whisk lime zest , lime juice and cinnamon into marhsmallow creme mixture
  5. to be creative: cut melon in half and remove seeds
  6. to use one half the melon for the container for your dip , scoop out melon to about 1 / 2" from rind
  7. fill with dip
  8. cut up remaining half for fruit platter
  9. serve with assorted fruit

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