Coriander Crusted Lamb With Spiced Orange Hoisin Sauce Recipe

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Time: 125 minutes



  1. racks of lamb
  2. hoisin sauce
  3. coriander leaves
  4. coriander seeds
  5. tomato ketchup
  6. red wine vinegar
  7. orange, juice and zest of
  8. red chilies
  9. garlic
  10. curry powder
  11. honey


  1. marinate the lamb with 50ml of the hoisin for an hour
  2. to cook the lamb , sear the meat on a hot pan and roast in a preheated oven at 180 degrees c for 20 minutes
  3. remove from the oven and spread 50ml of the hoisin on the lamb and crust with the coriander leaves and seeds
  4. set aside the lamb to rest
  5. for the sauce , mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl and whisk until the sauce is well mixed
  6. heat before serving
  7. slice your chops when ready to serve , and top with sauce to taste

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