Corn Tomato Couscous Salad Recipe

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Time: 30 minutes



  1. water
  2. vegetable oil
  3. couscous
  4. corn
  5. lemon, juice of
  6. ground cumin
  7. ground black pepper
  8. pickled jalapeno pepper
  9. red onion
  10. cherry tomatoes
  11. cilantro


  1. in a large saucepan or dutch oven , bring the water to a boil along with 1 teaspoons of vegetable oil
  2. add the couscous and stir
  3. cover
  4. remove pot from heat and let sit for 5 to 7 minutes
  5. fluff with a fork and set aside to cool
  6. cook the corn in boiling water for 3 minutes
  7. drain and cool
  8. in a small bowl , whisk together the vegtable oil , lemon juice , cumin , salt and black pepper to make the dressing
  9. add corn , peppers , red onion and dressing to the couscous
  10. salad may be made up to this point one day ahead and refrigerated
  11. add the tomatoes and cilantro and toss until well combined
  12. adjust seasoning with salt and pepper
  13. if fresh corn is not availabel , use frozen
  14. for a more nutritious dish , use whole wheat haida couscous

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