Cornmeal Mush Recipe

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Time: 35 minutes



  1. water
  2. yellow cornmeal
  3. fruit jam


  1. place some water into a soup bowl and set aside
  2. place the two cups of water into a pan
  3. measure the cornmeal and then spoon some of the water from the pan into the measuring cup
  4. use the spoon to allow the water to seep down into the cornmeal fully wetting it
  5. once fully wet , put heat under the pan and start spooning the wet cornmeal into the pan , stirring constantly to avoid clumping
  6. use water from the pan to rinse out the measuring cup and set aside
  7. stir the water and cornmeal mix constantly while heating
  8. stir and simmer the mixture until it thickens to the point where it requires a bit of help from the spoon to pour out of the pan
  9. immediately remove from heat , quickly empty the water from the soup bowl into the measuring cup and then pour / spoon the cornmeal mixture into the soup bowl
  10. dip a small spoon into the water in the measuring cup and use the bowl of the spoon to smooth and even the surface of the cornmeal mixture
  11. use the
  12. set the bowl aside overnight to allow the mixture to set
  13. to use the mush , overturn the soup bowl onto a cutting board
  14. cut into 1 / 4-inch slices
  15. depending on consistency you may have to use a big knife to make the basic cut and a small knife dragged along the side of the big knife to release the mush from the big knife without breaking it
  16. fry these slices at 350-degrees on both sides in butter / margarine until a slight golden crust forms
  17. if you use a griddle , while cooking you can place the plate under the griddle to warm it
  18. place on a plate and cover the mush with your favorite fruit jam

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