Cote D Azur Fruit And Greens Salad With Honey Lemon Dressing Recipe

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Time: 30 minutes



  1. dry white wine
  2. honey
  3. fresh lemon juice
  4. fresh lemon zest
  5. lemon verbena
  6. granulated sugar
  7. lettuce greens
  8. fresh peach
  9. nectarine
  10. fresh raspberry


  1. to make dressing:
  2. process all ingredients in a blender until the dressing is smooth
  3. chill for 20 minutes before serving
  4. just before serving:
  5. place a handful of greens on each salad plate
  6. slice the peach and the nectarine , arrange slices on each salad
  7. sprinkle with the raspberries and the chopped lemon verbena
  8. drizzle each salad with honey lemon dressing , and garnish with fresh lemon verbena , lemon balm or mint leaves

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