Cottage Pies Recipe

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Time: 90 minutes



  1. extra virgin olive oil
  2. carrot
  3. celery
  4. onion
  5. garlic
  6. cremini mushrooms
  7. lean beef
  8. tomato paste
  9. worcestershire sauce
  10. flour
  11. beef broth
  12. dry red wine
  13. pie crusts


  1. heat 3 t evoo in heavy pot , add beef cubes , brown well
  2. add flour to coat beef and remove
  3. scrape pot well , add remaining evoo
  4. heat over medium , stirring crispies
  5. stir in carrot , celery and onion , cook until soft
  6. add garlic , cook for about a minute
  7. add tomato paste , stir until blended
  8. turn heat to high and carmelize vegetables , garlic and tomato paste
  9. reduce heat and add wine , stir well
  10. add broth and worchestershire , stir well , scraping bottom of pot
  11. return beef cubes to mixture in pot , simmer until beef is done through and tender , adding liquid as needed
  12. turn heat up slightly and gently boil until almost totally reduced
  13. remove pot from heat
  14. place ramekins on baking sheet
  15. spoon filling into 6 1-cup ramekins , or oven-proof dishes
  16. heat oven to 350f
  17. place pie crust on flat surface
  18. roll out to 1 / 8" thickness
  19. using 4" round cookie cutter , cut enough rounds to top each serving dish
  20. cut out small hole in center of each round
  21. place rounds on each dish
  22. tuck crust down inside edges of ramekins
  23. place sheet with ramekin in preheated oven
  24. bake for approximately 30 minutes , filling should be bubbling and crust browned

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