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Cowboy Candy

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i bought a jar of these little dandies at a craft fair last year, and have been looking for some in stores without success. so instead i decided to find a recipe and make some. these are very hot with the seeds, or less so if seeded first. a cowboy candy slice is delicious served with cream cheese on a cracker. for a nice appetizer presentation, place 3 oz block of cream cheese on a plate. top with 2 tbsp of cowboy candy, and place crackers around the edges of the plate. note of warning: when slicing the jalapeno, i suggest wearing disposable latex gloves. also, the fumes, while slicing and cooking, are strong (but fabulous)! this recipe represents the state of texas.

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Time: 40 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 4

Ingredients: fresh jalapenos,sugar,water,green food coloring


  1. slice jalapenos , and place in a small sauce pan
  2. add water and sugar
  3. cook over medium heat until boiling
  4. reduce temperature to low , and simmer until the liquid has reduced , and the sugar water has become syrup-like
  5. let cool and place in clean jelly jar
  6. store in refrigerator
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