Crab Casserole Recipe

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Time: 45 minutes



  1. butter
  2. flour
  3. heavy cream
  4. salt
  5. pepper
  6. sherry wine
  7. lump crabmeat
  8. sharp cheddar cheese


  1. in a double boiler , make cream sauce by melting the butter
  2. add the flour and stir
  3. add the cream and stir constantly until sauce is thick
  4. add salt , pepper and sherry to the double boiler
  5. take the double boiler off the heat and fold in the crab gently
  6. pour into buttered 1 quart casserole
  7. sprinkle with grated cheese
  8. bake , uncovered , for about 30 minutes , or until cheese melts , at 400 degrees f

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