Cracked Wheat Pilaf Cracked Wheat Pilaf W Apples Raisins Recipe

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Time: 35 minutes



  1. bulgar wheat
  2. lemon zest
  3. lemon juice
  4. green onion
  5. garlic clove
  6. tabasco sauce
  7. garbanzo beans
  8. black olives
  9. salt
  10. cayenne pepper
  11. dried apple
  12. raisins
  13. apple juice
  14. pecans
  15. butter


  1. bring 2 quarts of water to a boil
  2. add 1 cup bulgur wheat , reduce heat to medium , and cook , uncovered , for 15 minutes
  3. pour into a strainer and drain well
  4. transfer half to another dish for the children
  5. for the children: stir in the apples , raisins , pecans , and butter
  6. season with salt , if desired
  7. for the adults: put the lemon zest , lemon juice , green onions , garlic , tabasco sauce , garbanzo beans , and olives in a small microwave safe dish
  8. microwave at full power for 2 to 3 minutes
  9. fold into the bulgur wheat for the grown ups
  10. season with salt and cayenne
  11. place the dried fruits in a microwave safe dish and cover with apple juice
  12. microwave at full power for 1 minute
  13. let stand , then drain when ready to use
  14. serves 2 adults and 2 or 3 children
  15. the whole family cookbook
  16. ,
  17. two tiered meals to please , both parents and kids

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