Crappie Fish Fry Recipe

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Time: 15 minutes



  1. crappie fillets
  2. ale
  3. cornflour
  4. salt
  5. paprika
  6. cayenne pepper
  7. flour
  8. peanut oil


  1. empty beer into a large bowl
  2. add the corn flour , salt , paprika , and cayenne to the bowl and whisk until you have light and frothy batter
  3. refrigerate for a least an hour but up to five days
  4. in a deep fryer or deep skillet , heat at least 2 inches of oil to 375 degrees f
  5. dredge fillets in flour , shaking off any excess
  6. then dip them in the beer batter , coating them well
  7. fry in oil until perfectly golden and drain on paper towels
  8. serve with lemon wedges , tartar sauce and hot sauce
  9. yum-yum ! prep time does not include refrigeration time

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