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Creamy Vegan Eggnog

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this was in the local newpaper today, i have not tried it but thought there might be some vegans out there that would enjoy it. (submitted to the newpaper by stacey lalonde)

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Time: 10 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 7

Ingredients: mori-nu silken soft tofu,rice milk,sucanat,apple juice,vanilla,nutmeg,ice cubes


  1. place the ingredients in blender and blend until smooth
  2. cover and refrigerate until serving time
  3. to serve , blend the mixture with ice cubes until frothy
  4. serve in glass sprinkled with nutmeg
  5. mori-nuis japanese tofu that is silky smooth in texture and easier to digest than chinese tofu
  6. it works well in beverages , mousses and other creamy-type dishes
  7. it is available at health food stores and some grocery stores
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