Creamy Celery And Onion Casserole Recipe

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Time: 25 minutes



  1. celery
  2. white onion
  3. butter
  4. flour
  5. milk
  6. nutmeg
  7. extra virgin olive oil
  8. kosher salt
  9. breadcrumbs


  1. clean the celery , washing off all dirt
  2. chop into desired size
  3. i suggest cutting the ribs into approximately 1 inch pieces', "include the ribs and as much of the leafy greens as you can--they're tasty too !", 'in a medium to large size saucepan on the stove top , saute the celery in the 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
  4. when sauteing , try to develop a little of the browning / carmelization that will give the dish extra flavor by not stirring constantly
  5. when the celery has cooked to your desired done-ness , lightly salt and transfer to a 8 x 8 square glass baking dish
  6. repeat until all celery is sauteed and in the baking dish
  7. using the same hot pot you just emptied of the last batch of sauteed celery , over medium heat add another 1 tbsp of olive oil and the diced onion
  8. saute for a few minutes to your desired done-ness
  9. add the 1 1 / 2 tbsp butter and allow to thoroughly melt , stirring in to the onions
  10. once melted , add the 1 1 / 2 tbsp flour and stir well
  11. keep stirring for a few minutes--not allowing to burn--as the roux comes together
  12. slowly add small amount of the milk , stirring well after each addition to thoroughly incorporate
  13. add the nutmeg and taste for seasoning', "you'll probably need to add more salt , maybe even a few tablespoons", 'keep stirring the mixture over medium heat until you get the seasonings right and the mixture comes just up to a boil and thickens
  14. turn off the heat
  15. mix the melted butter with the bread crumbs
  16. add the sauteed celery back in and stir to coat the celery with the creamy mixture
  17. transfer the creamy celery mixture back to the baking dish
  18. top with the butter / bread crumb mixture and bake in the oven just to brown the bread crumbs
  19. variations: you could add or substitute other vegetables in this dish , e
  20. g
  21. , peas , carrots , potatoes , brussel sprouts , cubed squash , asparagus , leafy greens
  22. you could also add herbs and spices to your liking
  23. you could add shredded cheese to the roux once it comes together to give it a cheesier flavor
  24. you can omit the bread crumb topping--i often do

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