Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo Recipe

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Time: 30 minutes



  1. philadelphia cream cheese
  2. parmesan cheese
  3. parkay margarine
  4. milk
  5. fettuccine
  6. boneless chicken breast
  7. shrimp


  1. go ahead and start your boiling water for the fettuccine noodles and let them cook while you are preparing the sauce
  2. this is the way i make it: in a large saucepan , on low to medium heat , begin melting the cream cheese first and then add the butter so it will not burn
  3. once the cream cheese is almost melted , add the milk
  4. once the milk gets warm or hot , add the freshly grated parmesan cheese
  5. as the mixture thickens , add more milk to the amount of your desire , probably an additional 1 / 2 cup of milk , maybe even 1 additional cup of milk
  6. be careful or you will add too much and it will not thicken anymore
  7. keep stirring as you are simmering on low heat until smooth
  8. i like to add chicken and shrimp to the fettuccine mixture too
  9. (in a separate saucepan , cook the chicken with some olive oil , mrs', "dash original , lawry's garlic salt blend and salt and pepper", "once the chicken is nearly cooked go ahead and add the shrimp since it doesn't take as long to cook", 'after the chicken and shrimp are cooked completely , add it to the alfredo mixture
  10. serve the sauce with chicken and shrimp in one serving dish and your fettucine noodles in a different dish
  11. enjoy !

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