Creamy Mushroom Beef Noodle Mix Recipe

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Time: 30 minutes



  1. ground beef
  2. onion
  3. cream of mushroom soup
  4. milk
  5. egg noodles


  1. add onion and ground beef to large skillet and brown
  2. drain excess grease from ground beef
  3. set browned meat aside
  4. boil 2 cups of egg noodles according to package
  5. drain water from egg noodles , do not rinse noodles
  6. add cream of mushroom soup , milk , cooked egg noodles , and browned grounded beef in stock pot or large pot on medium heat
  7. cook all together for about 10 minutes stirring frequently
  8. add additional milk for a creamy consistency
  9. salt and pepper to taste

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