Creamy Vanilla Pudding Recipe

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Time: 20 minutes



  1. milk
  2. salt
  3. sugar
  4. cornstarch
  5. egg yolks
  6. vanilla
  7. butter


  1. place 2 cups milk and salt in saucapan
  2. sprinkle sugar over milk
  3. do not stir
  4. heat over medium-high flame
  5. quickly combine cornstarch with remaining milk
  6. add egg yolks
  7. mix well
  8. when milk reaches a full boil , remove from heat
  9. stir in cornstarch mixture
  10. pudding will begin to thicken
  11. return to heat
  12. cook for one minute
  13. remove from heat
  14. stir in vanilla and butter
  15. pour into serving dishes
  16. serve warm
  17. serves 4

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