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Crisp Fried Wild Turkey Breast

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an easy way to cook that wild turkey your mighty hunter brings home. from texas highways magazine posted in response to a recipe request. cooking time is approximate.

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Time: 25 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 5

Ingredients: eggs,salt and pepper,turkey breast,flour,oil


  1. in a shallow bowl beat eggs , then add salt and pepper
  2. tear strips of turkey off breastbone
  3. dip turkey in eggs , then flour
  4. bring oil to 375 degrees in a dutch oven or large stock pot , making allowance for the volume of the turkey , and fry turkey on medium-high until browned
  5. cover dutch oven while frying to prevent splattering
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Tear strips of turkey off breastbone. Dip turkey in eggs, then flour. Bring oil to 375 degrees in a Dutch oven or large stock pot, making allowance for the volume of the turkey, and fry turkey on medium-high until browned. Cover Dutch oven while frying to prevent splattering. ...Show details

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