Crock Pot Snack Mix Recipe

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Time: 370 minutes



  1. cheerios toasted oat cereal
  2. rice chex
  3. shredded wheat cereal
  4. peanuts
  5. pretzel stick
  6. butter
  7. worcestershire sauce
  8. tabasco sauce
  9. seasoning salt
  10. garlic salt
  11. onion salt


  1. combine cereals , nuts , and pretzels in crock-pot
  2. mix melted butter with all remaining ingredients
  3. pour over cereal mixture in crock pot and toss lightly to coat
  4. do not cover crock pot
  5. cook on high setting for 2 hours , stirring well every 30 minutes
  6. turn to low setting for 2-6 hours
  7. store in airtight container

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