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Cuban Pizza

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this is the most delicious homemade pizza i've eaten. it's a borrowed recipe i tweaked to make lower sodium. it is versatile. it makes a lot of sauce, so you can either make the whole lot or you can make a couple of pizzas and freeze the remaining sauce and use when you are short on time. you can use whatever cheeses and toppings you want in whatever amounts you want. it's really a recipe that is "add to taste." it can be spicy or not. it might take a little work to make the sauce, but it's well worth it!!!

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Time: 105 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 18

Ingredients: olive oil,garlic,onion,tomato paste,no-salt-added tomato sauce,bay leaf,cumin,oregano,salt,pepper,brown sugar,cotija cheese,cheese,prepared pizza crust,unsalted butter,masa corn flour,mild enchilada sauce,low sodium beef broth


  1. saute onion in olive oil for about 4 minutes on med-high heat , you can add more oil to coat onions well
  2. add garlic and cook for additional 3 minutes
  3. add tomato paste , tomato sauce , bay leaf , seasonings , and brown sugar
  4. simmer uncovered on med-low for 30 minutes or until thick
  5. watch out for splattering and stir frequently
  6. to make this pizza with a more authentic latin taste , you can make a roux:
  7. saute flour in 2 t of butter until lightly golden
  8. add can of enchilada sauce
  9. you may chose to add cumin , garlic , brown sugar , and beef broth to taste
  10. simmer this at med-low until thickened
  11. mix into pizza sauce a little at a time to taste
  12. spray olive oil spray on tops of pizza crusts
  13. add about 1 / 2 cup sauce to pizza
  14. crumble some cojita cheese and add about 1 / 2 cup of other cheeses
  15. add any other toppings such as peperoni or canadian bacon
  16. top with more cheese and bake as directed for whatever type of crust you have
  17. enjoy !
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