Curry Glazed Carrots Recipe

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Time: 30 minutes



  1. orange zest
  2. fresh orange juice
  3. maple syrup
  4. cornstarch
  5. curry powder
  6. carrots
  7. parsley
  8. salt and pepper


  1. in a bowl , stir together orange zest , orange juice , maple syrup , and cornstarch mixture
  2. set aside
  3. in a wide nonstick frying pan or wok , stir curry powder over medium-high heat just until fragrant
  4. add carrots and 1 / 3 cup water
  5. cover and cook just until carrots are tender when pierced
  6. uncover and stir fry until liquid has evaporated
  7. stir orange juice mixture well
  8. then pour into pan and cook , stirring , until sauce boils and thickens slightly
  9. pour carrots and sauce into a serving bowl and sprinkle with parsley
  10. season with salt and pepper to taste

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