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Cypriot Pumpkin Soup


not all pumpkin soups are american - some versions come from cyprus, too! try this on a cold winter night, or any time of the year, really.

Time: 55 minutes


  • peel and dice pumpkin in 4 cm cubes
  • a
  • lightly fry pumpkin cubes with the butter and olive oil in a large pot
  • cover with water and add almonds
  • simmer on low heat for about 20 minutes
  • pumpkin should be soft to the touch , but still slightly crunchy
  • with a hand-held eletrical shredder , pulse for a few seconds , then stir and repeat as needed
  • you should end up with a creamy consistency throughout
  • optionally , serve with bruschetti: preheat oven to 180 celsius
  • place thickly-sliced baguette on a baking tray
  • drizzle with olive oil
  • sprinkle with cooking salt and oregano
  • bake for 15 mins , or until golden

cypriot pumpkin soup image

Number Of Ingredients: 10


  1. pumpkin
  2. almonds
  3. vegetable stock
  4. black pepper
  5. cumin
  6. curry
  7. edam cheese
  8. fresh cream
  9. butter
  10. olive oil

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