Dad S Famous Kolacky S Recipe

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Time: 135 minutes



  1. milk
  2. shortening
  3. sugar
  4. salt
  5. lemon, rind of
  6. yeast
  7. eggs
  8. flour
  9. cream cheese
  10. egg
  11. granulated sugar
  12. butter
  13. nutmeg


  1. filling: mix together with electric mixer until well combined and fill into centers of kolacky dough
  2. for the kolacky dough
  3. combine milk , shortening , sugar , salt and lemon rind
  4. cool to lukewarm
  5. soften yeast in this mixture
  6. add eggs and flour
  7. beat well
  8. cover with damp cloth
  9. let rise in a warm place until doubled , about 2 hours
  10. beat and let rise again until almost doubled , about 45 minutes
  11. turn onto lightly floured surface
  12. knead slightly , cover and let rise 10 minutes
  13. roll to inch thickness
  14. cut into 5-inch rounds
  15. place on a greased baking sheet , cover and let rise until almost double
  16. make deep depression in the center of rounds , fill centers and bake in preheated 400-degree oven for 15 minutes

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