Dairy Free Evaporated Milk Recipe

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Time: 122 minutes



  1. coconut milk
  2. rice milk


  1. shake can of coconut milk well to incorporate the "cream" that solidifies at the top of the can
  2. combine with the rice milk in a heavy-bottomed pot on medium-high heat
  3. stirring occasionally , bring to slow boil
  4. turn heat to lowest setting and let simmer , stirring occasionally until liquid has reduced by half
  5. cooking time is very approximate
  6. measure evaporated milk as needed to ensure it has reduced sufficiently
  7. when finished , pour into a container and allow to cool to room temp before covering and placing in the fridge
  8. once cooled , the mixture will separate
  9. that is easily remedied by whisking just before use and does not affect taste or outcome
  10. perfect for making ahead and will keep 2-3 days refridgerated

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