Dandelion Jelly Recipe

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Time: 35 minutes



  1. dandelion flowers
  2. fresh lemon juice
  3. lemon, zest of
  4. sugar
  5. vanilla
  6. vanilla bean
  7. dry pectin


  1. using stainless steel pan , boil the flowers in 2 quarts of spring water for 10 minutes , cool , and strain , pressing the liquid out of the flowers gently , then restrain through a coffee filter
  2. measure 3 cups of the liquid , add the lemon juice , zest and pectin
  3. optional: add 1 split vanilla bean
  4. put into a deep jelly kettle and bring to a rolling boil , then add sugar and stir to mix well
  5. stir and boil hard for 1 1 / 2 minutes , or until mixture sheets from a wooden spoon , skim , carefully remove vanilla pod , pour into hot clean half pint jelly jars and seal
  6. may 4 , 2010 - i made using 6 cups liquid , 7 cups sugar juice of 1 lemon just over 4 tablespoons , 1 / 2 teaspoon vanilla and 1 1
  7. 75ozgrams of pectin
  8. making 9 1 / 2 pint jars

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