Danish Aristocrats Recipe

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Time: 42 minutes



  1. butter
  2. granulated sugar
  3. egg
  4. flour
  5. salt
  6. almonds


  1. heat oven 375f degrees
  2. cream together butter and sugar
  3. add beaten egg
  4. mix together flour & salt
  5. using a wooden spoon stir flour into the creamed butter mixture
  6. work in the nuts until evenly distributed
  7. divide dough into 4 parts and roll each part into a sausage about 2-inches in diameter
  8. wrap in wax paper and refrigerate until firm
  9. slice the dough into 1 / 4" slices and place 1" apart on an ungreased cookie sheet
  10. bake for 10-12 minutes do not let the cookies brown too much they should be the color of shortbread--pale golden
  11. store in tins in the fridge or freezer

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