Date And Spice Pumpkin Scones Recipe

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Time: 45 minutes



  1. pumpkin
  2. ground cinnamon
  3. salt
  4. self raising flour
  5. butter
  6. caster sugar
  7. pitted dates
  8. milk


  1. steam or microwave coarsely chopped pumpkin until tender , drain well
  2. add the cinnamon and salt
  3. mash until smooth , cool to room temperature
  4. preheat oven to 200 degrees centigrade
  5. lightly grease and flour a scone tray
  6. sift flour into a large bowl , rub in butter
  7. add sugar , pumpkin , dates and most of milk
  8. mix to a soft dough
  9. if dry , add remaining milk
  10. gently knead dough on lightly floured surface until smooth
  11. press dough out evenly about 2 cm thick
  12. cut out as many rounds as possible using 6cm scone cutter
  13. place rounds on prepared tray
  14. gather remaining dough together and repeat cutting out process as above - handle lightly and gently
  15. brush tops of scones with a little milk
  16. bake in moderately hot oven for about 25 minutes
  17. serve warm with butter

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