Delicious Dirty Rice Recipe

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Time: 40 minutes



  1. olive oil
  2. garlic cloves
  3. onion
  4. green bell pepper
  5. chili powder
  6. crushed red pepper flakes
  7. ground cumin
  8. ground cinnamon
  9. white rice
  10. water
  11. salt
  12. corn kernels
  13. black beans
  14. tomatoes with juice
  15. pine nuts
  16. fresh ground black pepper
  17. red onion
  18. fresh lime juice
  19. fresh cilantro
  20. lime


  1. beans : soak for 2 - 4 hours
  2. to cook , drain the soaking water and add cold water , 1 part beans to 2 or 3 parts cold water
  3. bring to a boil , then reduce heat to a very slow simmer , so the beans stay in their jackets
  4. simmer for 2 hours
  5. lightly toast pine nuts
  6. in a heavy saucepan , heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil over medium heat
  7. add the garlic and the chopped onions
  8. saute for 5 minutes , stirring frequently
  9. mix in the bell pepper , chili powder , chili flakes , cumin , and cinnamon
  10. saute for 2 minutes
  11. pour the rice into the saucepan and stir to coat
  12. add the water and 1 teaspoon salt , and bring the rice to a boil over high heat
  13. cover the pan and turn the heat to low
  14. simmer the rice for 25 minutes
  15. when the rice is cooked , mix in tomatoes , corn , black beans , and pine nuts
  16. stir in salt , pepper and lime juice
  17. when the mixture is heated through , spoon it onto plates and top with the sliced red onion and cilantro
  18. serve a wedge or two of lime with each plate to squeeze over the rice

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