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this recipe is for a board request for a salmon loaf made without bread crumbs. this one certainly fits the bill and is very simple and easy to prepare.

Time: 55 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 10

Ingredients: butter,flour,milk,salmon,salt,cooked rice,mayonnaise,celery seed,parsley,eggs


  1. melt butter and stir in flour
  2. slowly add milk and drained salmon juice , stirring until smoothly thickened
  3. add flaked salmon and remaining ingredients
  4. place mixture in a buttered loaf dish and bake at 350 for 45 minutes
  5. serve with hard cooked eggs or caper sauce
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Melt butter and stir in flour. Slowly add milk and drained salmon juice, stirring until smoothly thickened. Add flaked salmon (skin removed) And remaining ingredients. Place mixture in a buttered loaf dish and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. ...Show details

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4. Add in the milk, followed by the reserved salmon milk 5.Stir cook until sauce is thickened. 6.Add in the flaked salmon without the skin. 7. Add in the rest of the ingredients. 8.Into a greased loaf dish, transfer the salmon mixture. 9.Bake for 45 minutes. SERVING 10. Serve with caper sauce and hard cooked eggs. ...Show details

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