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Devils Red Hot Millet Hash Vegetarian

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this is my very own creation and something i ate and craved often during my last pregnancy. this is definitely a hot and spicy dish but the quark cools it off a bit. one of my favorite ways to eat millet.

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Time: 30 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 11

Ingredients: millet,water,vegetable bouillon cube,onion,carrot,red bell pepper,hot red chili pepper,clarified butter,low-fat quark cheese,gouda cheese,cilantro


  1. prepare millet
  2. put millet , water , and boullion cube into a heavy flameproof casserole or other heavy pot
  3. bring to a boil and cook for five minutes
  4. reduce heat to low setting and put lid on casserole letting millet absorb water for 20 minutes or so until done
  5. meanwhile finely chop the onion , carrot , bell pepper , and hot chili pepper
  6. saute onion and peppers in a heavy skillet and then add carrot and chili pepper and cook until crisp tender
  7. add cooked millet to the mix , remove from stove , and stir in quark
  8. serve with a sprinkling of cheese and garnish with cilantro
  9. if cant handle the fire change this to a heavenly hash by omitting the red hot chili pepper
  10. good served with a crisp salad and fresh fruit for dessert
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